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DIGITAL MESSE.COM is a retail brand for minimalist. Our collection is minimal design that captures the essence,

a texture that shines by spotlighting the material, and a deep depth that you can feel with well-crafted.

The collection is created by CREAZONE, the operator of DIGITAL MESSE.COM, together with Japanese factory

brands. Through the digital space of this site and our web magazine, people living in Japan, visiting Japan, or

interested in Japan can experience Japanese aesthetics and become a chance to deepen their understanding of

Japanese culture, we are thinking.

Spotlight Materials

Minimal Design



As a branding company, Creazone Co., Ltd. is engaged in branding,

website construction, space design, etc.,

which leads to improving the aesthetic sense of all people and is working

together with clients to enhance the brand value.

Company Profile

Company Name CREAZIONE Co.,Ltd.
Date of the founding June 12, 20006
Capital 3 million Yen
Daikanyama Office Kounkaku#508 1-33-3Ebisunishi Shibuyaku Tokyo, 150-0021, Japan
TEL +81-3-6427-3887
Representatives Representative Director President Nobuaki Kusano
Representative Director Mamiko Kusano