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Furuishibagawa Shinsui Park, Koto

You can take a walk along the canal of which theme is “the scent of a waterfront.”

It is about 750m long and narrow park which is located at Monzennakacho, Koto City; moreover, it is along the FuruishibaRiver which connects Oyoko River and Heiku River. It is a site of the canal named Furuishiba River; furthermore, the name “Furuishiba” is derived from “the place for putting the stone” when Edo castle was established. Since the park has a theme of “the scent of a waterfront,” you can enjoy the scent of the seasonal flowers such as peony, rose, and hydrangea.

There is natural water from the river, so that you can see many aquatic life like fish.

It is a peony garden which is unique in Tokyo

The present name of the park’s place is Botan(peony in Japanese) ,Koto city. Since there were many places that cultivated peony, the “peony garden” was established.

The garden is on both sides of Furuishiba Bridge. Although the place is narrow, there are 42 kinds and 450 plants in the garden. The peony flowers have the labels.

Enjoy the distinct street art

In this park, there are many other attractions; for instance, 7 bridges (Furuishiba Bridge, Chidori Bridge, Ozu Bridge, which was Ozu Yasujiro Director’s house, and other 4 bridges), stone square, and rose garden. We highly recommend visiting the Furuishiba River Revetment Gallery.

There are unique and powerful works drawn continuously on both sides of the Furuishiba River, which is spectacular. It is nearly 30 years since the works were drawn, the texture of the concrete on the revetment, which is the canvas, has become more prominent, and has a deep impression.

In this waterfront gallery, you can see the changes in every season because of the overlap of the trees, flowers, and natural grass. Furthermore, you can enjoy the changes with time due to the movement of light and shadow in the day, and the changes with the angle of the view, time, and the season.

When we see the works, we would like to watch and take a picture of them from many angles.

Don’t miss the street art mixed with the official works. You can enjoy the work which seemed to be inspired by Barbara Kruger’s “I shop therefore I am.” Although the overall structure of “Mugen Uchu” by Kobayashi Ganpei and Shizue is wonderful, it is a deep work, so we would like to cut and see it partially.

It is a very luxurious time to enrich your mind when we watch the wall art while passing under the bridge, going back and forth between the other sides, and seeing flowers and underwater creatures.

You will see various works by flowers and creatures depending on the seasons.

A spring of light shines warm, calm and comfortable wind and nature. A summer with strong sunlight let you feel the moist south wind and the blessings of nature.  A autumn with soft lights makes a cool and refreshing wind and the autumn leaves shiny. The winter creates transparency with freezing cold wind and bright light.

By seeing the art of spring, summer, autumn and winter, morning, noon and evening, with the light of the water surface of Furuishiba River, which makes the feeling of salty smell and the quantity of water changes with the ebb and flow of the tide, there are various things to notice.

How about trying a treasure hunt in this park, in which many hints for the new creation exist?

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