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Haneda riverside

During the Edo period, Haneda flourished as a fishing village with a wide fishing ground, and as a monzen town of Anamori Inari since the Meiji era. Introducing the charm of the city, where you can walk along the river and retain the impression of those days.

Located near the Tenku Bridge on the Ebitori River, which runs beside Haneda Airport, the Haneda Airport Tenku Bridge Pier allows you to enjoy an underjet cruise, which is ideal for taking pictures of powerful airplanes.

Pray for peace at the Otorii of the old Anamori Inari at the base of Bentenbashi.

You can see the remnants of the fishing village by walking upstream along the estuary of the Tama River. Fishing boats and houseboats are also moored so you can enjoy fishing and night views in Tokyo Bay.

It is said that the Haneda Shrine, which was built in the Kamakura period, was so deeply worshiped that the general of the Tokugawa family also came to visit during the Edo period. The Haneda Festival, which is held in the last week of July every year, is the best festival in Jonan.

Power spot Anamori Inari Shrine with a small red torii gate.

From the observation decks at Terminals 1, 2, and 3 at Haneda Airport, you can take a breather view of the plane and runway against the backdrop of the blue sky and the clear blue sky. If the weather is good, you can see Fuji.

There are 26 restaurants in Edo-koji with the theme of Edo and Japanese at Terminal 3.

The last is the monorail. Ride on a monorail that runs over a canal like a roller coaster and enjoy the view of the waterfront from the window.

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