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Jingu Gaien

Jingu Gaien

Let’s enjoy sports and nature at Jingu Gaien! About its facilities, events and access

Since there are many buildings and shops in Tokyo, Meiji Jingu Gaien is a place like an urban oasis that is surrounded by green. Not only nature but also many facilities related to sports, arts and cultures make it attractive.

This article will introduce Meiji Jingu Gaien in detail; starts with overview, highlights, ways to enjoy, its facilities and events.

Overview of Jingu Gaien

Jingu Gaien is established as the outer garden of Meiji Shrine. Its history dates back to October, 1926. In order to hand down the virtues of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken to posterity, they built memorial buildings such as Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery and Meiji Memorial Museum, and sports facilities in Meiji Jingu.

Although it was managed as a national institution until the end of the war, it is then operated as an individual business. Because they expand the facilities of sports and arts, and they maintain the stadium, the tennis court and the golf driving range, it is still loved by many people as the base for health enhancement and culture spreading.

The Highlights and the ways to enjoy Jingu Gaien

You can enjoy Jingu Gaien in several ways because there are both nature and many sports institutions. Next, let’s check the main points to have a good time!

Watching Sports

Meiji Jingu baseball stadium is also used for high school baseball and professional baseball. You can watch powerful games at close; for instance, college baseball, high school baseball and professional. If you like baseball or sports, you should visit there!

Exercise at the sports facilities

Furthermore, you can exercise at various facilities such as batting practice range, tennis court, ice skating rink and futsal court inside Jingu Gaien. Enjoy your favorite sports with your friends and groups.

Walking through Jingu Gaien

The inside of Jingu Gaien is surrounded by a lot of nature. There are the lines of gingko trees from Aoyama street to main square and lacebark pine which is comparatively rare in Japan. At Nico Nico Park, there is attractive playground equipment for children. You can just take a walk and play with your family.

Facilities in Jingu Gaien

In Jingu Gaien, there are various facilities. The sports, arts and culture institutions help people maintain good health, and the culture to spread; therefore, it is a place of relaxation for neighbors and tourists. Check out the main facilities and the overview.

The events held in Jingu Gaien

They have seasonalize events in Jingu Gaien. From the end of May to the end of September, “Morino Beer Garden” is held every year. It is a summer tradition to enjoy cold beer and BBQ in a place surrounded by nature in the garden.

In mid-August, you can enjoy the Jingu Fireworks Festival. It is one of the popular events that you feel summer with 12,000 fireworks color the night in Tokyo.

During mid-November to the beginning of December, JIngu Gaien Ginkgo Tree Festival starts. While watching the tree, you can enjoy having gourmet food at the stalls and strolling.

Due to COVID-19 situation, please check the newest information at the website before you visit!


In short, Jingu Gaien has nature, sports, arts and culture facilities. There are many ways to enjoy, watching sports, exercising and taking a walk in nature. Moreover, participating in the seasonal events is one of the ways to enjoy the place. If you would like to have fun with sports and nature in Tokyo, please visit Jingu Gaien!

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