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Kunitachi culture

Have you heard about Kunitachi city?

It’s  located in the western portion of Tokyo,takes approximately 25 minutes from Shinjyuku by JR Chuo line.
You may not have heard of this city but I would say it’s actually very fascinating city.

When you came out from the ticket gate in Kunitachi station,
you will see the Starbucks signboard,you could be familiar it
but actually this Starbucks is something different from other ones.

Yes, this is the signing store,
that is deaf/ hard of hearing and non-disabled staffs are working tougher.The stuffs and guests communicate with sign languages, gestures and smiles.
It is a world the fifth and  the first type of Starbucks in Japan. As you can see this,
Kunitachi is welfare-friendly city.

Kunitachi station and Cherry blossoms

Look at the retrospective Kunitachi station building its roof is the red triangular shape.
Once  it was dismantled in 2006 after 80 years due to JR line redevelopment.According to citizen`s strong requests, it started to rebuild in 2018 and has completed last April.

In the main street Daigaku Dori is famous for cherry blossoms in the beginning of April.
Some people says here is the most beautiful street in Tokyo.

This is Hitosubashi national university. Its campus is beautiful walking trail for local people but unfortunately we can’t come in right now because of the covid-19.

There are a lot of small and attractive shops in the neighborhood.

Strada Bianca, they  sell a lot of Kitchen utensils made from olive woods and foods imported from Italy and lovely handmade items.The couple who own this shop used to live in Italy.

Brand new spot,Kunitachi craft beer factory.

At home with nahoko

Last but not least,I have been running Japanese cooking classes at my private home located just 4 minutes on foot from the Kunitachi station.I speak Japanese,English and a little Korean so the classes are for foreign travelers and residents.So far I taught over 300 foreign guests.Ramen/Gyoza from scratch classes are most popular and I can cater veggie/gluten-free options.Also online classes using zoom are available now.

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🖋 Auther: Nahoko Sanami