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SENZOKUIKE is a park with a fresh water pond that is one of the largest ponds in the Tokyo area, and is mainly sourced from the Shimizukubo spring located in Kita-Senzoku.

Utagawa Hiroshige, the great master of Ukiyo-e artists in Edo era drew the waterside view titled “Robe-Hanging Pine (Kesagake no Matsu) at Senzoku no ike” and included it in his series of “One Hundred Famous Views of Edo”.  The waterside view is still remained as it is in his drawing even today.

People enjoy cherry blossoms in spring and autumn colors in fall.  If you take a look at wildlife there, you will find a paradise for migratory birds in winter, and dragonflies flying around the water in summer.

You can enjoy walking around the Ikezuki Bridge and the aquatic botanical garden, as well as some monuments and graves of historical legends, such as Katsu Kaishu, Saigo Takamori, Tokutomi Soho, and the fine horse Chigetsu. Also, you may be amused to see the waterside view while rowing a boat.

Senzoku Hachiman Shrine was settled by the Senzoku Pond (Ike).  Its history began in 860 (2ndyear of Jokan) when Usa Hachimangu was imparted to enshrine as a tutelary deity for Senzoku Township.

Fujiwara Tadakata, the lieutenant general of the armed force who concurred the rebellion of Taira no Masakado decided to settle down himself in this area and worshipped this Senzoku Hachiman Shrine.

Fujiwara Tadakata is said to be an ancestor of Ikegami Munenaka, who later became a devout follower of Nichiren (one of the leading figures among Buddhist priests of Kamakura period).

On the way to Ouu region to conquer the area, Hachiman Taro Yoshiie made his ablution in Senzokuike and prayed for victory.  Also, on the way to Kamakura from Awa (currently Chiba Prefecture), Minamoto no Yoritomo set up a camp there to wait for local warrior clan to join him.

The legend of fine horse “Ikezukei”, owned by Yoritomo, was originated here and the horse is also known as “Flag Lifting Hachiman (a tutelary god of warriors)”.

SENZOKUIKE Benzaiten sits on the Bentenjima Island on the north side of Senzokuike.

The building by the pond which was once called “Seimei Bunko” (Nationally Registered Tangible Cultural Property) reorganized as a memorial hall to convey his thoughts, and to introduce the connection between Katsu Kaishu and Ota ward.

MYOFUKUJI is derived from the hermitage called “Gosho-an”. “Gosho-an” is associated with Nichiren, and was built in the Kamakura period on the bank of Senzoku pond.

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