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FUKAGAWA Riverside

Fukagawa has expanded its land by land reclamation since the Edo period and has developed along with water transportation.
While walking along the river in Fukagawa , we will introduce the charm of the city along with art, design and culture.

Sarue Onshi Park, which is close to the Yokojuken River that flows north and south through Fukagawa, has many green areas, and the north side is also known as a shooting point for Sky Tree. On the south side, the trees and rocks reflected on the surface of Kamiike, the stream and murmuring of the stream from the maple bridge, and the aquatic plants in Shimodike are beautiful and healing.

On the south side of the Yokojuken River, there is a cross-shaped Onagi Clover Bridge that crosses the Onagi River.

Further south, you will arrive at the INAMOTO MARK headquarters factory called Alum Magic Institute. It is a well-established manufacturer who knows people who also manufacture SONY and CANON products. We recommend the popular INAMOTO brand item SEN and the new SAKE (shot glass), which are also used in FOUR SEASONS HOTEL TOKYO. A timeless design that highlights the texture of hairline and spin-finished aluminum materials.

Walk west from here and cross the Oyoko River to the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo. Making use of the approximately 5,500 works in the collection, we are showing the appeal of contemporary art. Tokujin Yoshioka’s “Honey-pop” and “Water Block”, which designed the Tokyo Olympic 2020 torch, are also included.

After enjoying contemporary art, take a break while discussing art and design at All Press Espresso Tokyo Roastery & Cafe.

The next stop is the Kanae Echizenya liquor store, recommended for those who like sake. Heading west toward Kiyosumi Park, you will find a long-established store founded in 1717 during the Edo period. You can sample all the sake in the store, so you can find your favorite sake.

To go to the recommended Hotel Mandarin Oriental Tokyo, go through Kiyosumi Park, cross the Sumida River, and reach Nihonbashi. Guests staying in the aperitif, taking a shower, pouring sake into a shot glass before dinner, and looking back at the Fukagawa Riverside walk.

Auther:Mamiko Kusano

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