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Shinobazunoike Pond, Ueno

In Ueno Park, there is a big “Shinobazu Pond.” The natural pond has about 2 km outer perimeter and has about 11㎢ area. It is a recreation place, for the pink cherry blossom colors the pond in spring and the lotus blooms in summer.

Shinobazu Pond is separated by the walking trail. “Lotus Pond” with lotus, “Boat Pond” where you can enjoy getting on the boat, and “U Pond.”

It is also nice that you can stay as you want; for instance, take a walk, get on the boat, and watch the wild birds on the bench.

Since it is close to the West Gate and Shinobazu Street in Ueno Zoo, please stop by when you visit Ueno for sightseeing.

In the past, it was filled up, and was a paddy field

Shinobazu Pond was a cove of Tokyo Bay a long time ago. It was separated by the ocean and became the pond as time went by.

After World War Ⅱ, it became a paddy field in order to make up food shortage. Although there was an idea to fill up the pond and make a baseball field, it was decided to be preserved as the pond in 1949.

Cherry blossom in spring

Many cherry blossoms are planted around the pond. It reflects the cherry blossoms like a mirror,

and it looks like dyed pink. When the cherry blossoms fall, we can see different impressions of the pond’s surface because it will be covered in pink by petals.

You can enjoy taking a walk around the pond and also enjoy the cherry blossoms from the boat. Please have a good time seeing the cherry blossoms from various angles.

Lotus in summer

The lotus in Shinobazu Pond is one of the largest in Tokyo. It has been known as a famous lotus spot since the Edo period.

The most beautiful time is approximately one month from mid-July to mid-August. The lotus blooms early in the morning, so that it is recommended to go early to see the lotus in full bloom. Good to visit there as early as possible in order to avoid the intense heat during this time.

You can get a close look at the lotus at “Lotus Observation Zone,” where the deck got into the pond.


You can watch various wild birds such as pintail, spot-billed duck, black-headed gull, kingfisher, bulbul, and common cormorant at the pond.

Since there are many people at the park regularly, the wild birds are accustomed to people; therefore, we can watch them up close.

This it is easy to enjoy watching wild birds for beginners and little children.


At “Boat Pond,” you can rent a boat. The boat pier is in the center of Shinobazu Pond, and you can find Ueno Bentendo which enshrines Benzaiten right to the next.

There are three types of boats; a low boat, a cycle boat, and a swan boat. The pretty swan-shaped swan boat makes people relaxed. Though the rental charge varies depending on the types, it is reasonably priced from 600 yen (tax included) for 30 minutes. Please have fun there!

Be careful not to put your hands in the pond because there are snapping turtle and alligator snapping turtle at the pond.

Antique market

The antique market is held several times in Shinobazu Pond area. Since it is held irregularly according to the seasonal events; for example, Cherry blossom festival and the summer festival, please check the schedule.

You may find rare and bargain there!

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